Sunday, 2 March 2014

Impossible Places

Ideas I came across while updating a Year 9 SOW about 'Impossible Places'...

1. Masdar City

A city in the United Arab Emirates which claims to be the first sustainable and carbon-neutral city. Useful way to start teaching renewable energy (as it relies heavily on solar power) or sustainability.

The videos and links below give an introduction to the city.

2. Neft Daslari

A settlement in Azerbaijan which is an offshore oil platform. It is actually a functional town with over 2000 residents. An interesting place in the world, could be used to teach about fossil fuels and the impact of using oil.

3. This website has some interesting ideas of places that are nearly impossible to get to:

A range of landscapes and environments, the Yemeni town of Qalansiyah is remote and has some fantastically strange trees.

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