Sunday, 19 January 2014

Why use GIS? Article worth reading in Teaching Geography!

Following on from my previous post about GIS I delivered a CPD session to members of my department. One of the most useful sources that I found was an article from Teaching Geography, which is definitely worth a read if you are unsure of whether to attempt using GIS:

Mitchell, L. (2010) Why use GIS? Teaching Geography 35 (1), p.18-20
If you are a GA member you may be able to access the journal online -

The following quote in particular was very useful in trying to convince my department that GIS was not a difficult thing to use or expensive...

“I had spoken to geography teachers who feared that using GIS could be too complicated, for themselves and for students. However, I found the opposite to be true.
Moreover, it was easy to incorporate GIS into existing schemes of works, it didn’t incur any additional costs and, importantly, it didn’t require too much extra planning and preparation.” (p.18)


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