Sunday, 24 January 2016


Trying to motivate Year 11 students to revise for their mocks can be challenging. However, in the past few weeks my Year 11s have become increasingly engaged and competitive thanks to a website that a colleague introduced me to. Kahoot! is a website where you can create your own quizzes or use quizzes created by others. The students type '' into their web browsers and enter a code to join the quiz that you have chosen. You have the power to delete any inappropriate names as they join and at the end of the quiz you are able to download the results so that you can track their progress and highlight any areas for improvement.

To play the quiz a question appears and students are then given an allotted amount of time (usually 20 seconds) to choose the correct answer from 4 options. The quicker they respond, the more points they are given. After each question the students are shown their place on the leader board and the top 5 students are shown on the board.

To sign up as a teacher go to and create an account. It is simple and free to use but more importantly the students love it. I regularly get asked now when we can do the next Kahoot quiz. There are also other options to create discussions or surveys that I hope to use in future lessons to collect opinions.

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