Sunday, 4 May 2014

TES Geography Week

TES Geography Week, 28 April - 2 May 2014

The TES resources site is a valuable place to start research when creating new schemes of work. As I plan enquiry lessons I draw on ideas from lessons on the TES for my inspiration. There are also some fantastic enquiry lessons already available. Below are just a selection of what can be found.

Why can Grace now afford to go to school?
This is a brilliant 30 minute lesson which can be adapted for a longer lesson about sustainable tourism in Kenya. It allows students to examine the positives and negatives of tourism and the students could go beyond the lesson to consider if sustainable tourism is always successful.

Should we let Happisburgh disappear?
This is a lesson which allows students to consider the different coastal management options along the Holderness coastline. They will need some understanding of management before completing this lesson but it challenges their thinking and complicates their ideas of which areas should be protected.

How is my T-shirt made?

This lesson looks at the production chain of a t-shirt and considers who benefits from the production process the most. Beyond this lesson, students could debate whether this is fair or not and could think of their own solutions before exploring ideas such as Fairtrade.

How is Rafique affected by Mrs Wilson’s shopping trip?

This lesson is a mystery which allows students to explore interdependency and how our actions can affect the lives of others across the world. This is a well structured and interesting lesson which could be adapted into a scheme of work about globalisation.