Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Getting creative

Below are some ideas I have stumbled across recently to make my lessons a bit more hands on...

Geography twister game - the example in the link below shows a world map cut into squares. Students are told the continent or country that they have to put their foot/arm on. This tests their locational knowledge whilst having a bit of fun - the map could be enlarged and all students in the class could be given turns to choose countries.

Simon says - latitude : An interesting way I found recently to teach the lines of latitude. They are a difficult thing to learn and I will be trying this idea out with my year 8s!

Country top trumps: Why not get students to find out about different countries and create trump cards about the countries. They could include statistics such as population, land size, death rate, birth rate, natural increase, GDP per capita, literacy rate etc... By creating the cards and then playing in pairs they could learn about different countries.

Oreo plate boundaries: I found this idea when I was trying to jazz up a year 9 lesson about plate boundaries. The idea is that the students investigate the different plate boundaries by moving an oreo  and breaking the outer biscuit. The worksheet below is a bit American so I will be creating my own version.

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